Spring Retreat Notes

FLOURISH…in Your Mind!

Proverbs 25:28 – He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken

down, and without walls.

In Bible days, the greatest protection a city had were its walls which encircled it. At night

the inhabitants would shut the gates, guard the walls, and watch for intruders. The walls

were built to protect the city and its inhabitants. If enemies tried to get in, they had to go

over the walls or come in through the gates. Of course, if they gained access into the city,

they could spoil, ravage, and kill its inhabitants. So it was very important to keep the

walls and gates in good repair.


FLOURISH…in Your Communication!

Communication…hence, “The Tongue”! (Timber!)

The first thing a doctor will say when you go for a check up is “stick out your tongue!” He

uses your tongue to check your health. God does that spiritually too!

Just look at what God says the tongue is capable of doing in the Book of James!

The tongue can DIRECT-James 3:4 – ‘Direct’ wherever the pilot desires.

The tongue can DESTROY-James 3:6 – ‘Destroy’-defiles the whole body.

The tongue can BLESS-James 3:10 – ‘Delight’-brings blessing.


FLOURISH…in Your Emotions!

A recent survey revealed the number of emotions that a man and a woman use every day… Men use 11 emotions, Women use 85!

Our emotional health is directly related to understanding Who God is-His nature-His

character; how He feels and what His emotions are like!

God has emotions…perfect emotions…I am created in the image of God; Gen. 1:26…my

emotions are to be as His are…Emotions are good!


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