You Will Get Through This!

Pressing Forward When Life Gets Hard!

ADM Daytime Retreat
October 8, 2021 9am-2pm
Located at Lord’s House 500 Willowdale Blvd., Luling, LA
$25.00 (Includes coffee and breakfast muffins and lunch)

This is SUCH AN IMPORTANT TEACHING! We covered it briefly at a night-time house rally several months ago. But the content is SO RICH that we are bringing it back and going to dig deeply into its wealth!

  • At this retreat:
  • We will be together once again! (Need that love and fellowship with others!)
  • We will cover 7 defining moments in Moses’ life that helped to get him through that terrible, dry wilderness! These same 7 defining moments will help you too!
  • Enjoy coffee and muffins upon arrival!
  • Complete set of notes
  • Lunch!
  • Small group discussions.
  • I have always seen positive fruit as a result of small group discussions!
  • Worship with Mady Adams! (Worship Leader of Lord’s House-Luling)
  • Visioning up for the next season!
    I so hope you will join us!

Easiest Route: Take I 310 across the Luling Bridge. Turn left onto US 90, until you see Willowdale Blvd.  Turn Right onto Willowdale Blvd. and follow to Grand Ridge Golf Club (Old Willowdale Country Club)

Registration is now closed.

Venmo Payments can be made to @Anna-Donahue