August 27, 2019 

LSU Coach’s Wives and Administrative Wives


September 8-10
Celebration Church

Akron, Ohio


Join Anna Donahue this fall for a 3-week Teaching Series on
The Book of Ephesians! 

Monday at 7pm | Sept 23, Sept 30 & Oct 7 

LifeGate Church 1309 Butternut Ave, Metairie, La

Thursday at 10am | Sept 26, Oct 10, Oct 17

*New Location* Victory Church in the Foyer 5708 Airline Drive Metairie, LA

Northshore Monday at 7pm | Oct 14, 21, 28

Cultivation Church 1505 N. HWY 190 Covington, LA

*Registrstion $10.00 for materials. 
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December 13, 2019
11:30 am - 2:30 pm
ADM Daytime Christmas Luncheon

Chateau Golf & Country Club
3600 Chateau Blvd.
Kenner, La. 70065


January 10, 2020

‘Kick Off the New Year’ with Anna Donahue!  

Sheraton-Metairie Hotel #4 Galleria Blvd. Metairie, LA 

7 pm | Free admission!  No registration necessary!

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"Mirror Mirror 7!" Conference for teenage girls and young adults! - Positive Encouraging K-LOVE

Anna Donahue Ministries is so thankful and honored once again for the continued support of Hand of Hope / Joyce Meyer Ministries for our upcoming Mirror Mirror 8 Conference this year!

"A Future & a Hope" on LifeSongs Radio… AND, Join Anna Donahue every day at 3:35pm for, "An Encouraging Word" with Anna Donahue on LifeSongs Radio


On the set at WWL TV, Channel 4, promoting 'Kingdom Fest'!

Author, Teena Myers, in
I found my stride the day popular Bible teacher Anna Donahue repeatedly came to my attention."

Excerpt from the Introduction:

“I found my stride the day popular Bible teacher Anna Donahue repeatedly came to my attention. She became the subject of my first profile, Who is Anna Donahue? I outlined her journey from broadcasting news to broadcasting the love of God. An unshakable name occurred more than once. Pastor Anthony Marquize, who was running for the United States House of Representatives, came to my attention three times in one day. I already had a list of people waiting for me to write their story and opted not to contact him. Before the week ended, I met him at a minister’s fellowship and relented. His story left me in awe. He lost the election but gained something greater. Finally, I denied multiple invitations to Dr. Kathy Baker’s Interfaith Bible study before a friend convinced me to attend. Dr. Baker’s story, A Shiny Pebble, gave me more than fodder for a book. She became a cherished friend."


Finding Faith in the City Care Forgot

WWL-TV Interviews Anna Donahue about Mirror Mirror 7!

Bellefontaine native returns to offer message of hope
Written by Kristine Cook / The Bellefontaine Examiner
Sunday, 22 February 2009 12:03

When Anna Beaver left Bellefontaine for The Ohio State University more than 30 years ago, she likely would not have guessed the direction her life would take.

By the time she graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism, she had become a dedicated Christian, and soon married her husband of now 27 years, Mike Donahue, also a Bellefontaine native.

“I found Christ in college and that beckoning to learn that there was a Bible and it was real was something I couldn’t deny,” said Mrs. Donahue, who eventually attended Bethesda Bible College and now runs Anna Donahue Ministries in Metairie, La.

She has taught home Bible studies, hosted conferences and authors short radio spots.

Mrs. Donahue returns to Bellefontaine March 1 as the guest speaker for GRACE Ministries’ Tea and Inspiration in the Bellefontaine High School cafeteria.

“I’m going to go through the Bible and show how we can get stuck in a rut doing the same thing over and over and forget that each day we have a clean slate,” she explained in a phone conversation about her message, It’s Time for a Fresh Start.

“Bottom line, we want to encourage people. I think every one of us could use a little hope.”

Part of that hope, she believes, is offering her listeners more than just a flowery message with no way to apply her advice in their lives.

“We don’t just use cute little phrases. I think we give out some tools, show people some steps they can take,” Mrs. Donahue said. “Someone can really take that home, and it’s something you can bite into and chew.”

GRACE, an acronym for Growing Relationships and Community Encouragement, was started in 2001 by Sharon Dodds as a non-denominational women’s group with a focus that women gain strength and encouragement from each other. This is the group’s fourth Tea and Inspiration, and the event has been attended by more than 100 participants each time, organizers report.

The event, meant to be an inspiring and motivational gathering for women of all ages, is from 2 to 5 p.m. and includes music by Kristi Payne, light refreshments and, of course, tea.

“We reach all ages, and it’s so neat because I can look to my left and see a 22-year-old holding a baby and look to my right and see an 80-year-old lady,” Mrs. Donahue said.

“These messages can reach any age because it’s all about hope.”


NOLA Features Anna Donahue Ministries in their most recent Blog!

Who Is Anna Donahue?
Posted by Teena L Myers / NOLA Blogger
April 28, 2008 5:00AM
Categories: Anna Donahue, Editorial, Testimony, Video

I saw her for the first time as I walked by the TV carrying a basket of laundry. Just a glimpse, I didn't pay much attention. I wondered who she was but had matters of greater importance on my mind - dirty underwear and mismatched socks. On the way to the grocery, I recognized the voice on the radio and turned up the volume. The woman I saw on TV had a name, Anna Donahue. While I surfed the internet, you guessed it, there she was again, Anna Donahue.

Anna's ministry website overflowed with activities: television and radio; annual daytime retreat for women in Mississippi; "Mirror Mirror" conference for teenagers; "Adopt a Widow Tea"; "Coming Up Higher Bible Studies" in Metairie, the Northshore, and Old Metairie. I entered the date of the next "Coming Up Higher" in my palm pilot.

I easily found the home hosting "Coming Up Higher" by the cars parked on both sides of the street and the ones looking for a place to park, including mine. I followed some women into the living room, already full, and consider myself fortunate to find an empty chair. As soon as I sat down, the woman next to me gushed with information about the profound affect of Anna's ministry on her life.

"Which one is Anna?" I enquired.

"She's not here yet," said the woman.

I turned my attention to the notes that had been thrust into my hand, Rise Up and Take Your Place! neatly assembled in a three prong folder with pictures, major points in bold print, each thought backed up with scripture, and a checklist at the end. Anna clearly invested her heart and soul into this teaching.

Anna burst into the room charging the air with life and greeted most of the women by name. The stranger among them, me, did not escape her attention. Her concern for everyone in the room was unmistakable. After the teaching, I approached her with my "card" and inquired if I could write a story about her ministry. Some might be suspicious of such and offer, Anna received my inquiry with grace and humility.

Anna and I met for coffee several weeks after the Bible study to talk about her ministry. She flooded me with questions more concerned about who I was than talking about herself. Slowly, a fascinating story unfolded. Anna was a sophomore in college and life was fine. One night, she was watching television with about ten friends when Gail Walls walked in. Anna saw a woman beaming like a light and heard muffled warnings.

"Gail's here!"

"Jesus Freak."


Gail's presence quickly cleared the room. Anna had just met her husband of now twenty-seven years, and began a conversation with Gail about the new relationship in her life. Gail looked at Anna and said, "The bottom line will be your relationship with Jesus Christ."

Gail's comment haunted Anna who wondered what Gail meant. Anna rationalized that she knew God. She was raised Catholic. Anna looked up the scripture that said you must be born again, but her friends refused to talk about it. She dismissed Gail's warning and immersed herself in her journalism studies, but there was no escape.

Questions tormented Anna. What if Gail was right? What if there was more than being raised in a particular religion? Driving home in her brown Dodge Dart, tears streaming down her face Anna pulled her car to the side of the road and kneeled on the rough pavement. "Please," Anna prayed, "if you're real I gotta know. I need help." Suddenly, peace entered her heart and everything around her intensified. The grass looked greener, the sky bluer. A bird flew by, and Anna was struck with the realization that God made the bird. "I can take you to the exact spot I was born again," Anna assured me.

Anna graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, married and settled in San Antonio, Texas where she obtained a job at KENS TV Channel 5 and sporadically attended a Catholic Church. Anna's brother told her about the 700 Club, so she decided to watch the program. Pat Robertson spoke about being born again and, once again, Anna kneeled. She prayed with Rev. Robertson for Jesus to come into her heart.

Rookie weekend reporter making $5 an hour started her career, and Anna was thrilled. She eventually worked her way up to heavier stories. When a plane crashed, Channel 5 sent her to obtain a comment from a family grieving the loss of their son. Anna objected. The station demanded her to go. Anna obeyed but knew this kind of broadcasting was not for her. She no longer enjoyed her work but felt like she could "stick this out." While she endured the next year and a half with Channel 5 thoughts of Bible College entered her mind.

A job change for her husband relocated them to Indianapolis where Anna was exposed to a Protestant church for the first time. Anna was starving to learn more about God. When her neighbor invited them to attend services at a Christian Missionary Alliance church, they accepted. The members were some of the kindest people Anna had ever met. Anna and her husband were baptized in water and attended the church for six months before they relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana. They had already visited several churches when they walked into Victory Fellowship. The pastor, Frank Bailey, reminded Anna of her brother. His sincerity and rich teaching convinced Anna and her husband to join the church.

Hungry to learn more about God, Anna began taking classes at Victory's Bible College. She hosted the television show New Orleans Arise sponsored by Victory Fellowship, which ended after a three-month run due to finances. Anna taught Bible Studies and served as a section pastor assisting Parris Bailey who led the churches large women's ministry. During this time, Anna learned submission and yielding to God's will and timing. She also fell in love with people. Anna said, "I didn't care who they were, what they looked like or how they smelled, I willingly embraced them. It was like a born again experience."

As early as 1992, Anna dreamed of Anna Donahue Ministries. God waited until her dream died, and she handed the reins of control to him, before he released her from being a section-pastor. "The year 2002 was shaky," said Anna. "I knew it was time for me to start my own ministry, but didn't know how." During a staff meeting, Parris asked Anna a question about dates for upcoming events and Anna responded, "No, it's time for me to leave." September of 2002, Anna officially left Victory's staff. Fifty women gave Anna a baby shower to celebrate the birth of a new ministry - Anna Donahue's Ministry.

I couldn't understand why I had such a difficult time getting a head shot of Anna to post with this story. Pictures abounded with eyes closed, mouth open, too light, too dark, and expressions she would not want public. I decided to corner Anna for a head shot at the Annual Daytime Women's Retreat. Ever gracious, she agreed to meet me outside for a photo. Anna arrived with three friends. "Take a picture of all of us," Anna said. Even though Anna finally let her friends step aside so I could take my photo, I knew I would not use it. As I spent time with Anna and those God gave her to shepherd, one thing shone brighter than the many facets of her ministry; the love between Anna and those who sit at her feet. Anna cannot be separated from her flock.

Who is Anna Donahue? A woman being mightily used by God.

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