DETERMINED Video DVD and Mini Book

Watch the DETERMINED DVD teaching and read the Mini Book and allow God to fuel you with His determination.

Do you have areas in your life that you would love to see change? Or maybe you have been believing for something to take place in your life and it just hasn’t happened yet! I have targeted 4 areas in this ‘DETERMINED’! Message, that I feel are critical for us to be determined about if we want to finish strong! We find these 4 areas in Philippians 3:10. They include:
1. To know God;
2. To know of His Overcoming Power (Resurrection Power that is in us and for us)
3. a. To not flee in the face of tests and trials;
b. To turn trials into opportunities; and
c. To realize that when handling things God’s way, you are being transformed into the very image of Christ.
4. To never give up! To fulfill my mission while on the earth and to pass Christ on to others. Romans 8:31 “If God be for me…!” I believe this message will help lift you from thoughts of ever wanting to quit to thoughts of ‘I am NOT stopping or backing down’, ‘I have a mission to fulfill while on this earth and God is leading the way!’ God is so amazing! Allow Him to fuel you with His determination to go far and above what you could have ever imagined! All of heaven is waiting to back you! You got the goods! Be determined to do it!