Book of Ephesians Video and Accompanying Notes

Watch this 3-week video DVD Series with accompanying notes and join Anna Donahue for her teaching in a live setting!

“Of all Paul’s epistles, it is in Ephesians that we find the highest spiritual truths concerning the Christian life.  The letter abounds with spiritual riches, and yet at the same time it is intensely practical.”  R. Stedman In this letter to the Ephesians we will discover:

  • Why’ we can have hope and encouragement AT ALL TIMES!
  • A ‘list’ of the ‘abundant resources and riches of a life with Christ that is ours RIGHT NOW!
  • How to have peace with God and WITH EACH OTHER!  (Really?  YES!  REALLY!)
  • 5 Steps how ‘Not to Lose Heart!’
  • Uh oh!  We are on display!  
  • Conflict in Relationships!  The Cure!
  • How to ‘protect’ ourselves at all times!  ‘Putting on’ Christ!  Facing the enemy victoriously:  The armor of God!