Anna’s Portfolio

Check out Anna’s portfolio of some of her favorite retreats and conferences!

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Anna's Portfolio

Recent Retreats and Conferences

*Freedom from the Curse; Releasing the Blessing!
*The Story of Rahab!
*Leadership: Influencing Your World for Christ!
*Pressing In…Running the Race!
“Divine Destiny” A Profile of Queen Esther
Radiant! Psalm 34:5
Isaiah 55:1-Invitiation to the Thirsty!
The Beatitudes!
He Restores My Soul!…Psalm 23

A Wise Woman Builds Her House…Pv. 14:1
Run to Win!
Rise Up and Take Your Place!
Solitude and Silence (Question and answer sheets go with this one)
Intimacy, Faith and Answered Prayer!
No Worries!
Outlasting the Storm
Wisdom (Divine Insight) and Discernment (Practical Application)
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Recent Coming Up Higher Messages

Mark 11:24, What things soever you desire when you pray…
10 Hindrances to Answered Prayer
Be Strong In The Lord
Overcoming Discouragement – 1 Kings 10:1-18
Embracing God’s Dealings in Our Lives – (4 Powerful Reasons why some things may be happening in your life!)
Help! I’m In A Trial!-Taken from James 1:2
Essentials for Winning the Race! – Taken from Philippians 1:3
Be Not Weary!
No More Doubt!
The Healing Touch of Christ

Building and Sustaining a Healthy Mind
Spiritual Health for Your Mind, Will and Emotions
Framing Your World!
Walking In Continual Joy
Restoration! – Taken from Joel 2:25,26
Relentless Faith
Attitude! Does It Really Matter?
Power Under Pressure
Trusting God
The Kingdom of God is Within You!