All New! ‘Sing A New Song’! ‘Kingdom Fest’ 2016 DVD and CD Teaching (Psalm 40:1-3)

DVD_cover_Sing_a_New_Song_6_Stages*6 Stages to Get You From the Pit to Freedom in Christ!

From the deepest of pits, to absolute freedom, joy and singing a ‘New Song’ to God, journey with Anna as she walks you through the six stages that King David walked through on his journey to becoming all that Christ wanted him to be! And as you will soon see, this ‘pattern’ wasn’t just for King David! It is for YOU as well! Says Anna, “David’s pattern, I believe, is one that we will all experience at one time or another. God is faithful! If you are in a ‘pit’ right now, be encouraged! God has a plan to get you free and onward towards your destiny! You will then be used to influence many!”

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